Vitamin-mineral complex ranking

The World Ranking 2016

Vitamin-mineral complexes

In current times we rarely have the opportunity to eat a healthy meal, rich in vegetables and fruits. We take vitamins and minerals being led only by the prize of a given complex. But is every preparation the same? Why certain complexes cost 100 PLN and other 20 PLN?

All of this because of the assimilability of the products. The cheapest products contain only vitamins of synthetic origin, packed with colorings, often sugar etc. The products of this kind are supposed to help us supplement the deficits of vitamins and minerals in an optimal way for our organism.

In case of the products for 20 PLN, the assimilability, because of the cheap, only synthetic production processes, amounts to merely 15%.

„The best sources of vitamins and minerals are the products of plant origin”

This is true, but it is easy to write about it and hard to do it, as not everyone has enough time and knowledge to be aware of what products to eat and in what quantities.

By eating 100 g of carrot a day, we will satisfy the daily needs for vitamin A, however, in order to provide the appropriate amount of magnesium, we would have to eat half a kilo of spinach or 300 g of beans a day.

Vitamin preparations is not only cutting corners. They are often very helpful in extreme situations:

  • monotonous diet, lack of vegetables, trace amounts of fruit, alcohol and
  • in elderly age gastric problems disenabling to eat appropriate amounts of vegetables, mainly cauliflower, spinach or broccoli.
  • winter period means huge impoverishment of our diet, there are much fewer vegetables on the market and we usually do not remember about them…
  • infections and diseases, in diarrhea, high fever, when we are not able to eat anything, there are huge vitamin deficits in the organism,

Which vitamin complex to choose?

We have been existing as a company on the market of functional foods and supplements for 10 years. During this time, we have seen the choices of our clients – the conscious choices. Therefore, we decided to share the information, which preparations are most frequently bought because of their bioavailability and quality.

Vitamin ranking

1.ADAM – NOW Foods(


Adam is a very comprehensive, enriched in plant extract, pro-health composition of vitamins and minerals, addressed to men. It exhibits very high assimilability and is characterized by the ease of supplementation because of its formula of softgels.

EVE is a preparation created for women, which is featured by the characteristic vitamins and minerals supply for female sex. Additionally, it was enriched in the substances allowing to reduce harmful free radicals, positively influencing urinary system and substrates which enable slowing down aging processes.

EVE – NOW Foods (


2. LifeEssence – Pure Essence (

Life Essence

LifeEssence is a preparation containing in its composition the set of vitamins, minerals and herb extracts enriched in enzymes facilitating digestion. The product contains extracts of natural origin, both from fruit and vegetables! The form of powder is addressed to those who are not keen of swallowing large tablets.

3. Orange Triad Greens – Controlled Labs (

Orange Triad + GreensOrange Triad Greens is one of the richest products as far as the ingredients are concerned. Apart from vitamins and minerals it contains a range of substances having a beneficial influence on those spheres of our organism, which are especially exposed to troubles caused by physical activity – immune system, digestive tract, joints and ligaments.

4. Feel Good! – San (

Dr. Feel Good!
Dr. Feel Good! is a product strongly affecting our well-being, as apart from many vitamins and minerals it also contains nutritional substances nourishing our brain and ensuring well- being.

5. Opti-Men– Optimum Nutrition (

Opti-Men is a vitamin-mineral supplement, developed specifically according to the needs of male organism. Specially composed formula, enriched in herbal extracts and antioxidants, aims at maintaining mental and physical efficiency on the highest level. Opti-Men helps to maintain testosterone – such an important hormone for men, on the optimal level.