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Catabolism and Anabolism in Bodybuilding

In this article you will learn what catabolism and anabolism are in bodybuilding terms, to start with, I want to generalize these two terms, catabolism as tissue disintegration and anabolism as tissue growth, now I invite you to read on.

Muscular catabolism

Catabolism occurs most often after training and in the morning after waking, but this phenomenon occurs does not always occur at these moments. Degradation occurs when glycogen deficiency in muscles is absent, that is, our muscles have nowhere to draw energy from for action. Why does catabolism come to us after training? Because during intense exercise we lose all our energy, but when it comes to morning catabolism it is by feeding nutrients to our body all night, often even up to 7 – 10 hours!

In order to break the catabolism process, it is necessary to quickly deliver fast-absorbing carbohydrates and proteins that contain a whole range of amino acids. With the help of anti-catabolic supplements that are available on the market as: HMB, Glutamine and protein, the views on the action and sense of support for these substances are divided. In conclusion, catabolism is a general transformation of our tissues into energy; it’s a defensive reaction to not providing us with the right amount of nutrients that allow them to enter the anabolic (growth) state. And curiosity: life in stress and hurry increases the process of catabolism, because a hormone called cortisol is produced.

Catabolic hormones include cortisol, adrenaline, cytolines, and glucagon.

Muscular anabolism

Anabolism is part of the metabolism which is directly related to muscle growth, anabolism is (growth), catabolism (decomposition). In this process, the formation and growth of tissues such as muscle mass, body size and strength of our muscles occurs.

Anabolic hormones include oestrogen, HGH, insulin, and testosterone.

Anabolism is most concentrated at an early age in adolescence. Then our tissues develop at an incredible rate, and there is no catabolism unless we do not eat properly. The anabolic process also occurs in people on the, so called, mass because by consuming a large amount of caloric excess we store excess food in the form of energy, then we are in the anabolic phase. However, you must be careful what you eat and follow the basic principles of proper nutrition because besides meat in the anabolic process, we can also take on unwanted fat

In conclusion, if you want to achieve progress in the gym take care of good nutrition and try not to allow the catabolism of the muscles. SHORT: Anabolism is growth, catabolism of tissue breakdown!

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