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Many athletes are looking for legal ways to improve their performance. This is not an easy art, because most of the effective measures are qualified as doping. However, there is a product that enjoys a good reputation in this aspect, and it is a extract of an alpine medicinal fungus Cordyceps. One of the most popular products is Cordygen5 by Millenium Sport. However, there is another version of cordyceps from this brand – Cordygen Nano2 Elite. What are the differences between the two versions?

Millenium Sport Cordygen5

This supplement has gained recognition due to the way the manufacturer describes the composition of the composition. We have a declaration of the exact amount of 72% polysaccharides and 30% beta-glucans and the presence of 3-deoxyadenosine (cordycepin), hydroxyethyladenosine, cordycepean acid, adenosine, ethyladenosine and adenine. The exact species of fungus that were used to produce the extract are also presented. These species are 5, as indicated by the number of the name of the preparation, among them we mention: Cordyceps Sinensis CS-4, Cordyceps Militaris, Cordyceps Sobolifera, Cordyceps Ophioglossoides and the hybrid Cordyceps Militaris and Synensis. The producer also declares the organic origin of all mushrooms. The mixture is packed into delayed-release capsules, which allows you to take the capsule for a longer time before training, and may also bring a longer effect.

Cordygen Nano2-Elite
The second version, on the other hand, contains an extract from the organic Cordyceps Sinensis fungi, and one suggested portion (2 caps) is the equivalent of as much as 12 g of the fungus. Here we also present the characteristics of active ingredients, including: 85% polysaccharides, 33% beta-1,3 / 1,6-glucans, 3-deoxyadenosine (cordycepin), hydroxyethyladenosine, cordycepean acid, adenosine, ethyloadenosine and adenine. 38% of the ingredients are ground to nano particles, so you can expect a faster and more pronounced effect, especially since the release delayed capsules are not used in this version. As an addition, we have AstraGin here , a mixture of auburn rose extract with panax ginseng, which is supposed to improve the absorption of active ingredients.


Cordygen5 is ideal for continuous supplementation or for people with high activity throughout the day, due to the formula providing longer access to active ingredients.

Cordygen Nano2-Elite is focused on the quickest possible action and the best bioavailability, so it’s perfect for use shortly before training.

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