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Extraordinary bioflavonoid – naringenin

Bioflavonoids are plant compounds occurring primarily in citrus fruit. Their positive influence on the functioning of the human organism has been confirmed by many scientific studies. Among dietary supplements containing bioflavonoids, naringenin is frequently encountered. Where does the popularity of this active ingredient come from?

Naringenin for health…

Similarly to all compounds from the group of flavonoids, naringenin also demonstrates strong antioxidant activity. Effective protection against free radicals makes the cells of our body better protected from the damages as a result of oxidative stress, which is reflected in the weakening of catabolic processes taking place in muscles and also causes the improvement of the appearance of skin, hair and nails.

Apart from strong antioxidant effect, naringenin also shows anticancer properties. This is because its application decreases the activity of pathways leading to the development of cancer cells in the organism. Additionally, naringenin also influences the activity of estrogen in the organism, allowing to take advantage of its positive properties and inhibiting at the same time the influence of this hormone on the development of estrogen-sensitive tumor.

…and weight loss

Naringenin often appears in supplements for people, who aim at reducing adipose tissue. We may find it in such fat burners as Lipo X-Pack, Shredex or Lipo Shred. Why do the producers so willingly include this plant bioflavonoid to the formulas of their preparations? Does naringenin demonstrate any properties facilitating weight loss apart from its antioxidant effect?

It turns out that thanks to naringenin we may manipulate the level of lipids and glucose in blood. It lowers the level of fat in the plasma and also contributes to the decrease of cholesterol and glucose level, lowering their production. Thanks to regulating the level of sugar in blood and cholesterol level, supplementation with naringenin may turn out to be especially beneficial for people on reducing diets, whose aim is to lose extra fat.



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